About Walker Wilson Associates

Walker Wilson Associates is an Organisational Behaviour Consultancy based in Sydney. Headed by Principal John Walker, Walker Wilson Associates provides consultancy services along a broad range of issues to help businesses achieve high productivity through its people.

Services include:

  • Corporate Vision and Core Values
  • Change and Team Management Strategies
  • Organisational Diagnostic Reviews
  • Executive and Management Development
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Work Based Coaching and Learning
  • Assertive Stakeholder Culture Management
  • Mediation

John Walker B.Ed, M.A., MIMC, LEADR is a skilled behavioural science consultant with over twenty years of international experience. His work is based on the capabilities, commitments and values developed during his early years of consulting to the iconic Royal Canadian Mounted Police at both operational and executive levels. These capabilities have significant currency and application in the public and private sector, none the least of which is a commitment to integrity, compassion, pragmatism and results.

At age 68, John applied to Macqaurie Graduate School of Management to undertake a postgradute research degree. The opening statement in his application was “Why Now?”. John describes it as an itch that he had to scratch. It came from  series of events in his previous consultancy life in policing. He started to wonder why some people are resilient to traumatic/adverse experiences. After talking to colleagues and others in the field he realised there were many behavioural determinants to consider and that his area of interest could result in a PhD. His thesis is studying the relationship between trauma/adversity and resilience/self-efficacy.

In mid May he is traveling to Canada to test some of those assumptions…

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